Salix MATE 14.1

Salix MATE 14.1

Postby gapan » 1. Jun 2014, 11:02

Salix Mate is officially back! Our previous Mate release (back in 13.37) came with high praise from a lot of our users, with many considering it as our best release ever. Salix MATE 14.1, built around the latest MATE 1.8 desktop environment comes to follow up with that.

The MATE desktop environment brings a familiar and user friendly approach to the desktop, with sane defaults and a great selection of application bundled with it.

Included in this release, along side the MATE desktop applications like the Caja file manager, the MATE Control Center and all the MATE panel applets and utilities, is the latest Firefox ESR browser, the LibreOffice suite, GIMP, the ClawsMail e-mail client, the Transmission torrent client, the Totem (Videos) media player, the Exaile music library/player, the Pidgin IM client, the Zim desktop wiki and several more useful applications. Of course all the Salix System Tools, familiar to any Salix user, are also there, including the Gslapt package manager, the Sourcery SlackBuild manager, tools for managing Users, System Services, the System Language and Keyboard settings etc.

As with all our 14.1 releases, spi, our new command line application for easy package/SlackBuild installation is included. Users that would like to install new software from the command line would find it very helpful and easy to use.

Of course as with every Salix release, there are three options during installation that decide how much software will be installed. A Full mode installation, installs everything included in the installation medium, but is in no way bloated, since it adheres to the "one application per task" policy that we have. A Basic mode installation will only include the MATE desktop environment, the collection of Salix System Tools and the Firefox browser, making it ideal for anyone who want to built a desktop environment with a custom application selection. Finally the Core mode installation is the same as with any other Salix release and will only install a command line based system, without any graphical environment at all.

Installation is curses-based, but straight forward and most of all, fast! A Full mode installation should not take more that 10 mins in total on a modern system.

Our 64-bit release includes support for installing on (U)EFI based systems, on which the installer should prompt to install ELILO instead of LILO at the end of installation. GPT partitioned hard drives are also now fully supported by both 32bit and 64bit installers.

New Salix users should find it helpful to have a read through our Startup Guide and also our wiki

You can download and install the Salix MATE 14.1 release using the iso images found in our Sourceforge project page, or by using a torrent client with the following links:

Salix Mate 14.1 (32-bit, i686)
(size: 739 MB, md5: 1b9d403403f5e5730eb55dabb7800fa0)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... so.torrent

Salix64 Mate 14.1 (64-bit, x86_64)
(size: 754 MB, md5: 8b5a20bb7382bb2362ffff978849aa50)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... so.torrent

Have fun!
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Re: Salix MATE 14.1

Postby Van_Vinkle » 7. Jun 2014, 18:13

Installed 32 bit in my wife's netbook. It runs like a charm. :D

Thanks to the developers!
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Re: Salix MATE 14.1

Postby Mindaugas » 9. Aug 2014, 16:00

Today, 2014-08-09, i installed this wonderful distro, and i am very happy with it. Nice and polished distribution for everyday computing, no bugs and other nonsenses! Thanks developers!
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Re: Salix MATE 14.1

Postby john256 » 7. Jan 2015, 18:37

:D I just decided to take it for a drive (switching from the XFCE flavor) and I find it amazing!

Keep up the good work!!!
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Re: Salix MATE 14.1

Postby MountainFox » 21. Dec 2015, 12:27

I just installed 14.1 on my laptop and I'm very impressed. The Totem media player was just what I needed with Windows 10 now charging to play dvds. So thanks for saving me money.
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Re: Salix MATE 14.1

Postby mimosa » 21. Dec 2015, 14:55

Welcome to Salix, MountainFox!

Especially if, as it sounds, you're new to Linux, please be sure to check out the Salix Startup Guide (link on homepage) especially the chapter on package management, which is an important difference from how things work in Windows.
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