Hello Salix world!

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Hello Salix world!

Post by ly-san » 12. Feb 2018, 01:30

Hello everyone,

Nice to meet you!

I'm Ly-sAn from France, currently living in Japan.

I've discovered this distro a long time ago, I remember the logo was still a bonsai, but, to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to it. I'm in the GNU/Linux world for 10 years now, always distro hopping to find THE one. I've been mainly on macOS, Fedora and Debian, sometimes more obscure distros and recently I tried Slackware which was one of the only distro I've ever tried. It took me some times to make something pretty functional, with a few kernel panics but at the end I was really happy with the experience of learning.

During my research on slackware, I saw Salix was mentioned often and was 100% compatible with Slackware. So I've decided to give a new try and I was blown out by the experience. I love the basic installation which gives me the opportunity to select my one apps and have pretty much all the important librairies installed. It's pretty much the same as I ended with Slackware but with great tools and most of the tweaking have been already done. It has the simplicity and the flexibility of Slackware with an extra polish. Bravo to the devs for their work!

So here I am, looking forward to sharing my experience on Salix with you guys! :)

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Re: Hello Salix world!

Post by djemos » 12. Feb 2018, 06:27

Welcome ly-san. :)

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Re: Hello Salix world!

Post by mimosa » 12. Feb 2018, 06:59

Welcome! You are the perfect example of Salix's original target audience: "lazy Slackers". There is a link to the Salix Startup Guide on the homepage, see especially chapter three on package management, which is one of the main differences between us and our parent distribution.

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Re: Hello Salix world!

Post by ChuangTzu » 12. Feb 2018, 19:56

Nice post and Welcome! Always nice having new people discover Salix :D

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Re: Hello Salix world!

Post by justann » 22. Feb 2018, 00:51

Just like Ly-San I am also a newbie. I am still in the process of familiarizing myself with Salix.

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