Very pleased.

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Very pleased.

Post by hundovir » 26. Apr 2015, 21:32

Just a quick "hello" from a new user. I've been using standard Slackware (14.1, 32-bit) as my own main OS for the last 6 months and tried out Salix because I wanted an easy/helpful Slack-based distro to install on my sister's laptop. She's a non-techy (main computer use: Facebook Scrabble!) and I wanted something I could trouble-shoot over the phone for her.

After a quick try of Salix live, I installed the full XFCE Salix to one of my partitions last week and...I absolutely love it. Great defaults and helpful additions (e.g. the codec pack). Installed it to my sister's laptop today and she really likes it as well.

Linux history: started with Ubuntu 5 years ago, after a couple of months tried Arch and enjoyed that for 4 years. Got fed up with "rolling" (OMG! I haven't updated for 24 hours!!! Gotta do something about that!) and spent a few months last year with Fedora. 'twas ok, but nothing special - although I did discover that I liked the minimalism of Gnome 3. Missed the "tweakiness" of Arch, so Slackware seemed like a possibility. I am! Running XFCE4, but with Openbox as the WM and a heavily tweaked rc.xml copied from my Slackware: no window decorations, everything keyboard controlled.

Computer history: started with BBC model B as a school teacher in the UK in the 1980s. My own first machine: Amstrad PCW 9512 (with a daisywheel printer that could vibrate the walls down!) Then an Amiga 500 (yep! That's 512 KB of RAM!) Then a bog standard PC in the early 2000s and cheap laptops since then. Not a power-user :lol:

Very pleased with GSlapt and Sourcery (was using slapt-get and sbotools on Slack), the general defaults and, of course, Slackware stability. Everything just works.

One question: why is Salix not better known? I'll do my best to help spread the word!

Best wishes to all.

Edit: meant to add, I didn't allow Salix to install LILO - "just in case" - but am now pointing my previously installed Slackware's LILO at Salix as the default boot.

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Re: Very pleased.

Post by gapan » 27. Apr 2015, 16:09

Hi hundovir,

welcome to Salix. Glad you liked what you found here. :)

PS: You're missing some nice LILO artwork.

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