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Post by filip » 16. Jun 2017, 19:30

Hello community,

I'm Filip from Belgrade, Serbia. A relatively long time Linux user, entrenched in the Debian waters ( since, well, old habits die hard :roll: ), however I've been using, playing with and following Salix since 14.1.
Kudos to the team for the great distro, tools ( GtkMan especially ), community, performance on old machines and, not to forget, greenery! :) :lol:

A while a go I was involved in a local Debian based distribution, and following the systemd entering Jessie we were darn close to switching base over to Salix. And we would, if only purging sysd from Debian didn't turn out to be a little bit easier then porting the installer*, gtk themes and switching repositories/package format.

To keep it short, you're doing an awesome job! Keep it up! I'm glad to be a part of the community ( a bit late though, but better late then never ). :)


* It's a Semplice installer, which due to modularity, suprisingly isn't really that hard to "port" for Slack/Salix (mostly comes down to setting things like language/keyboard/time zone etc the Slack way).

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Re: Greetings!

Post by gapan » 17. Jun 2017, 00:12

Welcome Filip! You already helped with your input on the oxygen-gtk3 issue, so great introduction! Glad you like it here! :)

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