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Booting Problem

Posted: 27. Feb 2018, 00:39
by Atip
Suddenly booting failed on one morning.
The follong message showed on the screen:
device reported invalid CHS sector 0
EH complete
That would go on sometime up to number 400 plus
even from live boot stick.
Sometime it would catch on and started booting.
When I was then in my box I put it on suspend in the evening.

What I did now, I unplugged my 2 hard drives power supply
and data cables. Replugged alls again and booting is back to
normal from HD and USB sticks.

Could such a problem be caused by corrosion on the
contacts on the hard drives? I live in a climat with high
humidity and high temperature.

Re: Booting Problem

Posted: 27. Feb 2018, 08:22
by mimosa
It may also be worth removing RAM to clean the contacts. Meanwhile, make sure you back up any important data. Your hardware may be on its way out.