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Posted: 1. Jun 2018, 23:11
by galmei
Hello everyone!

As far as software-related, I would like to introduce myself hereby briefly.

Professionally, I am working as a software developer for hardware-near software, embedded systems, real-time signal processing, control systems, occasionally driver development for Unix and Linux.

Therefore, and otherwise, I know a lot about hardware of all kinds. Despite this enormous knowledge, I have just effortlessly managed to ruin my loyal working laser printer. The printouts now look as if the chimney sweep cleans his broom in the printer. :(

With recurrent interruptions, I've been a Linux user for a long time now. My first Linux distribution was LST Linux Support Team Erlangen Distribution V 1.7, August 1993, by Ralf Flaxa and Stefan Probst. This was followed by the distribution DLD - Deutsche Linux Distribution V1.1.1c, January 1994, by Dirk Haaga. Can anyone still remember these three people? Then I tried Slackware Linux 1.1.2, February 1994, Kernel 0.99.15 and Slackware Linux 1.2.0, March 1994, Kernel 1.0. Unfortunately, I was completely disappointed by all mentioned distributions.

Since I grew up mostly with Sun operating systems, I then continued with FreeBSD 2.0. Today, FreeBSD is still an important operating system for me.

Later, Linux got another chance.

When Salix64 Xfce 13.1 was released, I switched to Salix from Zenwalk Linux 7.0.

I like Salix OS very much. It offers easy installability, functional package management, a useful set of applications, and all the desktops needed which are also suitable for weak hardware. That's why I am quite satisfied with Salix. Thanks to the Salix team!

If you deal with Unix or Linux for a long time, I do not know how you feel, but it is reasonably difficult for me to keep my outdated knowledge, which also comes from different operating systems and distributions, cleanly separated from the present after such a long time, so that sometimes nonsense arises. (That was just an anticipated excuse for all the strange things that I could write here. :) )

I would be pleased to occasionally provide help to the forum and team if help is wanted.

With kind regards,

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Posted: 2. Jun 2018, 11:42
by mimosa
Welcome, and thanks for introducing yourself after all this time!

There are IRC / XMPP rooms for development talk if you're interested. Be aware that the pace can be a bit slow - for that reason, I tend to use the latter. There is a link on the homepage. One area where help will certainly be needed for the next release is packaging, and there's some information about that on the wiki.

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Posted: 2. Jun 2018, 14:54
by gapan
Welcome galmei!

You've got an impressive background there! It's nice to know that you've been with us for so long!

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Posted: 3. Jun 2018, 17:00
by galmei

thanks for the welcome, mimosa!
There are IRC / XMPP rooms for development talk if you're interested.
So you use the XMP protocol for development discussions in the chat room. If you do that from a Salix machine, do you use mcabber from the Salix repositories? That's the only XMPP-related program I could find there.

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Posted: 3. Jun 2018, 17:13
by galmei
Thank you, gapan, for the welcome!
You've got an impressive background there!
Thank you! Yes, when I look back, I'm often amazed. But this background is pretty relative.

At some point in those years, I worked for four years in software quality assurance, for a then known Unix based application software. The acquired knowledge and the learned ways of working and thinking, remain me forever and help me today in my development work. My colleagues from the software development had ported this software to 15 and probably more Unix variants on more than 20 hardware platforms. My QA work on this software was really a privilege, that I was able to see all that in detail. This application software and many of the Unix variants no longer exist and thus the acquired knowledge is no longer applicable. Also a reason why today I do other software development.
It's nice to know that you've been with us for so long!
When I started with Salix, I gave up all other Linux distributions and operating systems except freeBSD. No more multiboot constructions and no virtualizations. This helps bind to one distribution or operating system.

Btw., at that time, I finally gave up on MS-Windows for private use. The last version was Windows 98 Second Edition, which I continued to use after the end of the support period, because for a long time I could not find a suitable replacement for Pegasus Mail (by David Harris) and IrfanView (by Irfan Skiljan). This is still true for IrfanView today.

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Posted: 4. Jun 2018, 20:28
by mimosa
galmei wrote:
3. Jun 2018, 17:00
do you use mcabber from the Salix repositories? That's the only XMPP-related program I could find there.
I actually do use mcabber, and really like it - though it's a while since I have checked in to the Salix room. But I am sure there must be alternatives. Doesn't Pidgin support xmpp? Perhaps a plugin is needed for that.

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Posted: 5. Jun 2018, 07:14
by gapan
I'm afraid the jabber room has been down for quite a while now. So, it's just the IRC channel now.