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Post by juliusse » 25. Jan 2019, 18:07

Hello everyone.
Slackware user since 1998, Salix user since 2013, and now also Slackel user since 2 month. (I also use a lot of*BSD but mostly on servers)
I've decided to register in this forum which helped me by reading your posts each time I faced a problem with Salix.
Hoping that I can help if I can as a fair payback.
See you soon

Ubuntu is an African term for :"Slackware is too difficult for me"

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Re: Introduction

Post by gapan » 25. Jan 2019, 18:25

Hi juliusse, welcome to the forums!

I know there are a lot of long time users such as you that have never registered in the forum, mostly because they didn't have much to post about. 8-) I have received several emails from time to time stating just that.

In any case, it's very nice to see an experienced user join!

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