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Artim, son of Sojef

Posted: 9. Feb 2019, 14:10
by Artim

My society was founded by a race of people who fled from technology because it almost destroyed them. So they fled from their home world in a starship, and settled on a very remote planet to start over, with as little technology as possible. We are a race of technophobes! Yet we are not unfamiliar with technology, and use it reluctantly when we have to, as in this instance in my bio. Terrified of technology, yet having to rely on a starship crew and an artificial life form, I overcame some of my fears and even gained a friend. But I still have to keep things as simple as possible with minimal intrusion into learning, growing, working, and living in a society that remains as free from technology as possible. Like my father says, "When you make a machine to do the work of a man, you've taken something away from the man."

I like Salix because it is simple, because it is not polluted with bloatware that initializes, monitors, supervises, tracks, and journals every little process and action. I like it because it's lightweight and stays out of my way when I'm trying to get school work done, letters written, and social media visits done. Salix isn't just "for Lazy Slackers," but also for technophobic people like me, who need a system that is reliable, simple, stable, and requires very little maintenance.

Re: Artim, son of Sojef

Posted: 15. Feb 2019, 21:23
by gapan
Hi Artim and welcome!

Nice to see another Trekkie in here. ;)

Re: Artim, son of Sojef

Posted: 3. Mar 2019, 18:24
by ChuangTzu
Welcome to Salix, also a Star Trek fan. :)