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Posted: 2. Mar 2019, 04:56
by gaconvn1106
Thank you for browsing my account. I am very happy to join the community, look forward to sharing many good things.

Wishing everyone a good day!


Re: Hello

Posted: 2. Mar 2019, 08:36
by Artim

Are you new to SalixOS or just new to this forum?

I like - in fact I require - simplicity, stability, and reliability in my operating system. SalixOS provides that. Enjoy!

Re: Hello

Posted: 3. Mar 2019, 05:26
by gaconvn1106
im new for Salix

Re: Hello

Posted: 3. Mar 2019, 18:16
by ChuangTzu
Welcome to Salix.

Re: Hello

Posted: 6. Mar 2019, 08:54
by mimosa
Welcome to Salix!

You may wish to check out the Salix Startup Guide, link on homepage, especially chapter three on package management.

Please note that the default mirror for the package repository no longer works. You can change it by editing /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc:

See here for active mirrors:

Re: Hello

Posted: 16. Mar 2019, 22:01
by Papasot
gaconvn1106 wrote:
3. Mar 2019, 05:26
im new for Salix
Welcome aboard. Beware, Salix is rock-solid stable, so if you fancy risks like "will it work tomorrow? will it be as fast tomorrow?", you won't find any, because Salix will work flawlessly until your hardware fails. :D