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Posted: 2. Apr 2019, 07:24
by seb_62

I'm a french user of Slackware since many years, which is the OS of my principal PC.
I installed Salix a few years ago on my son's PC, after a Mageia 5 which began not to work well anymore... He is very happy with it.

Becoming older, I think I'm becoming lazier... so I now installed Salix on my own second laptop (which by a matter of fact is an old macbook).
And I register on this forum to learn a bit more about what seems to be a really terrific linux distribution !

Have a nice day !

Re: Hello

Posted: 2. Apr 2019, 08:01
by djemos
Hi, seb_62. Welcome to salix.

Re: Hello

Posted: 2. Apr 2019, 13:40
by gapan
Hi Séb! Welcome to the forums! Nice to see another long time user register!

Re: Hello

Posted: 4. Apr 2019, 01:31
by ChuangTzu
Welcome seb, look forward to hearing about your experiences. :D