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Posted: 14. Apr 2019, 11:27
by Oberoid
My journey.

Re: Hello

Posted: 14. Apr 2019, 22:35
by gapan
Welcome Oberoid!

Try it out and see what you think!

Re: Hello

Posted: 23. Apr 2019, 00:27
by ChuangTzu
Hello and Welcome.

Nice journey, don't be too shy to ask questions.

Re: Hello

Posted: 12. May 2019, 12:56
by Artim
That's a quick trip to Salix! Quicker than most, I think. Mine was a long, roundabout one because I'm really a simple person, and actually downright scared of technology, but unwilling to spend a lot of money to upgrade my older but perfectly good hardware. Salix fits the bill nicely because it's simple (enough) and so very reliable! I expect it will keep me going until the hardware fails. Unlike most of the other "lightweight" and "midweight" Linux distros available.