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Social Media?

Posted: 20. Jul 2019, 21:15
by Artim

I'm not a fan of social media at all, but "all the cool kids do it" and I decided to try one of those alternate ones called Diaspora. Holy bleeping bleepity bleep! It's a digital ghetto where people go when they've been kicked off of other sites. Lots of political posts, memes, and insults, all in the name of "free speech."

So I deleted it, never to return. Maybe some kinda social media would be useful to spread the word about this cool OS project, so I wonder if any of you folks are on a social media and is it okay or not. I'm happy just to hang out in forums like this one and on subjects I'm interested in, but all I know of social media is how bad it can be!

Re: Social Media?

Posted: 20. Jul 2019, 21:45
by gapan
Yes, that is indeed a problem with all "alternative" social media. it usually goes like this:
1. (twitter/facebook/reddit/whatever)-clone is started with the premise of being more open
2. people that have been kicked from mainstream social media jump on it
3. others, such as you, might also want to give it a try
4. administrators want to increase their user counts, because let's face it, they have almost none, so they mostly ignore extreme views and behaviors
5. "normal" users are driven away by extreme behavior
6. nazis are the only ones left
7. only thing the admins can do is shut down the network. Or ban almost all of their current users, which is exactly equivalent

And I'm definitely not a "cool kid" :P.

Re: Social Media?

Posted: 20. Jul 2019, 23:55
by Artim
I hear you!

Does Salix have a "presence" on social media? A fan page or something?

Re: Social Media?

Posted: 21. Jul 2019, 05:27
by gapan
Not that I'm aware of.