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Posted: 27. Jun 2022, 20:38
by tonb
Just made myself a member. I used Salix 14.2 for a couple of years and are trying 15.0 for 3 weeks now. I will post my remarks in the Salix 15.0 thread.

Re: Hello

Posted: 30. Jun 2022, 12:38
by mimosa
Welcome! The more testing, the merrier.

Re: Hello

Posted: 6. Oct 2022, 10:37
by miredia
SUBJECT: Four days of craziness

From "Liveslak" to Slackware to Salix. Suddenly I discovered there were different "flavors" of Slackware. Because my interest is electronic music, I went for the "Liveslak DAW". Ugh KDE like Ubuntu Studio, and behaved enough like the latter. It was OK but it's based on "-current" and I wanted the real "original" deal, as stable as possible.

Installed with XFCE from "install-DVD". I was ready for a few events (such as adding a file into "/etc/sudoers.d") but not being left without Internet access altogether! Also I tried to use a couple of "Slackbuilds" but they kept coming up with errors. The "Liveslak" in particular didn't come with "installpkg" which pretty much sealed its fate and forced me to install Salix.

A few months ago I tried Salix, I think the "live" ISO version, now I don't remember if more than one existed. I tried to install it onto an external USB disk and failed. Only wants to be put into an internal HDD/SSD, fair enough, but it had to wait. I have done it a few hours ago. Well done the Synaptics-like package manager, better than staying at terminal with "root" privileges reading error messages. Thank you Salix team! <3

One thing is that I would like to see the two penguins on top of the screen while the OS starts. "elilo" always takes a portion of the screen and keeps it for a while until the screen refreshes and only half the startup messages are displayed. After it displays "booting the kernel" the screen on my computer becomes warped. No problems going into the desktop otherwise. This is one of the most beautiful XFCE desktops I've ever seen, quite contrary to that of a certain independent distro, or the one I got stuck with for "original" Slackware...

I also use Porteus v5.0 MATE on an external USB disk. Usually I use this to make quick changes to other partitions.

I have been distro-hopping the past three months. I want to get away permanently from the Debian/Ubuntu family, annoyed with a few things done over the years. I gravitated toward independent distros: during spring I used Solus but removed it because it creates an impressive mess in HDD EFI directory that is near impossible to fix when one other distro is installed which is also intent on modifying only that partition for bootloader. Until recently I used Fedora XFCE but probably will move on away from that one as well.

Long live the Slack! :D