Salix 14.1 screenshots

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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by laprjns » 19. Aug 2015, 21:32

Yikes!, welcome back tsuren
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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by zAchAry » 20. Aug 2015, 04:42

Welcome back, tsuren!

It is great to have you here :)
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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by tsuren » 20. Aug 2015, 16:43

thanks guys... :D In fact, I've never stopped using Salix at home. And since I have got some time, I am trying to compile mozc for fcitx, which is a real pain, but it's probably needed for the future as mozc dropped its support for ibus. I've also learnt that other distros are shifting to fcitx for CJK inputs.
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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by drzaz3177 » 20. Aug 2015, 17:02

Hello everyone

Here is my simple config . SalixOS OpenBox 14.1 64bit

something basic .conky and tint2

1 - nearly clean :)

2 - not clean :)

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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by GJones » 30. Oct 2015, 11:48

Yay minimal WMs:

^^^ This is actually Salix KDE, I just installed Fluxbox and a bunch of console apps over it... Netbooks, you know.

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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by ginsim » 6. Nov 2015, 00:49

^ Nice bright colours mate :)
@drzaz3177 Is that conky in the background? It looks like something from E17/18/19 :)

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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by LCJr » 1. Feb 2016, 03:44

The twins, Salix and Void. Just noticed while posting these I must have different settings for Nitrogen on each.
Image Image
Pretty much same setup on both. Openbox, SpaceFM, Tint2, Obmenu-Generator, Nitrogen, Conky, etc... My own GTK2+Openbox theme, Buuf-Nestort icons and Poetsen One font.

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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by JWJones » 23. Mar 2016, 16:44

^ Nice, I like 'em! What font are you using there?

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Re: Salix 14.1 screenshots

Post by m1rr0r5h4d35 » 24. May 2016, 21:34

Not sure if these will display like I want them to, but here goes. Two screenshots from my project box I am working on. The screen only does 800x600 which is why they are small. The machine itself is a Fujitsu Stylistic c500. 500 Mhz Celeron, originally only 128 MB RAM, upgraded to 256, originally a 6 GB HDD, upgraded to 40 GB. Also added a wireless PCMCIA card. Fujitsu made a docking station for it, but I do not have it, so I am using a universal tablet stand by Motorola. I still have some tweaking to do to it. If there is interest I will post some other pics of the actual machine running Salix.

Image Image

Swapped Firefox for Dillo, and LXterminal for Terminator. Still have a few things to do. Was going to have an ssh session in the one shot, but SDF was having issues, apparently.

I guess phpbb can't pull from Google Drive. Below are the URLs of the images. ... DlRT2F5Mmc ... jdYS2FBQ1E

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