Graphics issues on MacPro5,1 (2012)

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Graphics issues on MacPro5,1 (2012)

Post by ctzn » 17. Jul 2017, 23:58

I have been using Slackware/SalixOS since 13, however since 14.1 (only during boot) and now 14.2 has the same issue, which is a garbled loading screen. On 14.1, it disappears after almost at login. On 14.2, it just stays garbled and then I get nothing usable. My machine is MacPro5,1 (2012) hex core, EVGA Nvidia GTX680 Mac Edition. I never have had this issue until 14.1 release and other distributions at this time, assuming this is xorg/video related get a blank screen.
I am unclear what the issue may be and since there is nothing I can do to get a screen at this point, can anyone shed some light? Have had similar issues?

Thanks in advance for any direction or assistance, as it is appreciated.

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Re: Graphics issues on MacPro5,1 (2012)

Post by mimosa » 18. Jul 2017, 06:59

How are you booting on the Mac?

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