List of non-working mirrors

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Re: List of non-working mirrors

Post by gapan » 24. Feb 2019, 10:57

Yes, you're right.


I've finally removed the belnet and chmuri mirrors from our lists just now.

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Re: List of non-working mirrors

Post by Bird » 4. Sep 2022, 17:39

Have a look at

Looks like a repository with all files for Salix 15.0! I was just testing it on 14.1 and Belnet had a wrong entry ( The /pub/ directory was missing. But after correcting, it loads all files fine. So maybe this repository isn't broken at all?

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Re: List of non-working mirrors

Post by hugok » 4. Sep 2022, 20:25

This one is not working also (Taiwan)
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