ethernet not stable

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Re: ethernet not stable

Post by laprjns » 25. Mar 2017, 13:27

I believe that the answer has been found for this problem. See this viewtopic.php?f=30&t=7284. The solution, at least it works on my computers, both wired and wireless, is to do the following:

Install the dhcp package

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$ sudo spi -i dhcp
Edit the NeworkManagers dhcp client configuration file, /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/00-dhcp-client.conf, commenting the "dhcp=dhcpcd" line an un-commenting the "dhcp=dhclient" line. It should look like this after editing :

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# Choose a DHCP client below.  Upstream recommends dhclient, but results may vary.
# dhcpcd is the DHCP client usually used by Slackware:
# dhclient is the ISC reference DHCP client, part of the dhcp package:
# This is a simple DHCP client that is built into NetworkManager:
# dhcp=internal
Then restart networkmanager

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sudo service restart networkmanager

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Re: ethernet not stable

Post by jpg153 » 20. Apr 2017, 21:13


have not been around for a while... 8-)

I fixed it today as you propose.

I switched to a different router in the meantime and had no issues since.
But reading through the thread you linked to, I thought it was good to change.
I never had a WRT router here. Hardware is supplied by Unitymedia, so cable modem.

Regards Gruß

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