Network problem

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Re: Network problem

Post by Tuntematon » 16. May 2019, 15:39

I can get wireless working too by setting the value to ignore.

I reversed the configuration changes (#) as I noticed that I had trouble connecting with VPN. After I reversed them everything works like a wonder.

A million thanks!

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Re: Network problem

Post by mimosa » 16. May 2019, 19:18

Thank you for your further feedback. Please do let us know of any glitches that may emerge.

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Re: Network problem

Post by Bird » 17. Jun 2019, 06:40

Thank you a lot for finding the problem with NetworkManager. This happened to all my computers with Salix 14.2 (in three different network environments)! Other Linux distributions didn't have trouble with the NetworkManager stuttering. Only cable-connections were used. Might there be a problem with Salix default setting of the NetworkManager?

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