Installations and their Dependencies

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Re: Installations and their Dependencies (issue with surf)

Post by DidierSpaier » 14. Oct 2022, 06:28

DidierSpaier wrote:
13. Oct 2022, 21:25
I have two ways to solve this discrepancy.
  • ship libmanette in Slint (probably the best way, even if do not rebuild webkit2gtk)
  • write slapt-get --upgrade -s --ignore-dep (looks to me as an ugly workaroud)
I built and installed libmanette using the SlackBuild from Salix (took about one minute), this made slapt-get --upgrade happily replace surf and dmenu that I had built with slapt-src by the packages in extra-15.0.

I will include libmanette in Slint.

If I find similar issues I know what to do 8-)

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Re: Unknown package "lib". Issue with depfinder?

Post by gapan » 17. Oct 2022, 07:41

DidierSpaier wrote:
8. Oct 2022, 17:21
Indeed the "lib" dependencies puzzles me and to a lesser degree the "libmms" dependency (supposed to be an auto-detected dependency of libmediainfo).

Neither a "lib" package nor a "libmms" package are installed here.
Thanks Didier, I've since fixed that.
Bird wrote:
9. Oct 2022, 14:46
On Salix 14.1 32-bit, for the SlackBuild Kdenlive 0.9.8, there are some missing dependencies:
I did install gsm manually and unchecked "Resolve dependencies" in Sourcery.

Well, it's really an old version, and the developers probably have other things to do. But this is more for my personal documentation when installing these systems that run pretty well with the old programs.
Thanks Bird, I have added those to the kdenlive deps for 14.1.
DidierSpaier wrote:
13. Oct 2022, 21:25
This file mentions libmanette as dependency, probably because in Salix it is a dependency of webkit2gtk, itself a dependency of surf.
As an aside I like surf, a lot faster than Firefox. Based on webkit2gtk, with only 2149 lines of code in surf.c.
Actually, it seems libmanette is a direct dependency of surf:

Code: Select all

$ ldd /usr/bin/surf|grep manette => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f40485d2000)
But I'm glapt you have it fixed the proper way. ;)

And surf is great! It's astonishingly fast, although of course it can't cope with the craziness that is the modern web.

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Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Post by Bird » 10. Nov 2022, 14:02

On Salix 14.2 32-bit, there was a problem when compiling the game armagetronad

TypeError: descriptor 'split' requires a 'str' object but received a 'unicode'

It was solved through installing the package "python3" over slapt-get.

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