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Re: New Login

Posted: 13. Nov 2013, 23:45
by laprjns
Problem confirmed here. Looks to me like the default xscreensaver config file is assuming kdm login manager.
etc/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver wrote:
! This command is executed by the "New Login" button on the lock dialog.
! (That button does not appear on the dialog if this program does not exist.)
! For Gnome: probably "gdmflexiserver -ls". KDE, probably "kdmctl reserve".
*newLoginCommand: kdmctl reserve
This needs to be changed to:

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*newLoginCommand:	gdmflexiserver -ls
in /etc/X11/ap-defaults/XScreenSave file for all users or you can put it in your users ~/.Xresources file, but then it will only work for that user.

[ Solved ] New Login

Posted: 14. Nov 2013, 17:02
by antmon
Hello laprjns! It worked! Thanks! I guess this should corrected!?

Re: [Solved] New Login

Posted: 14. Nov 2013, 23:53
by laprjns
Yes, a Salix bugtracker ticket has been opened.