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thunderbird 60.5

Posted: 2. Feb 2019, 21:55
by more
Hi to everyall !

I ugraded Thunderbird to 60.5 from the repository.
Now it is in English, I would like the italian language pack available, but there isn't...
How do i get the italian language pack compatibile with Thunderbird 60.5 ?


Re: thunderbird 60.5

Posted: 5. Feb 2019, 05:29
by gapan

unfortunately we do not maintain a localized package for thunderbird. There is simply nobody that cares enough to do it.

However, Didier maintains such a package in Slint. You can find the current version here: ... 1slint.txz

You can download it and install it manually with spkg. You'll also need to add thunderbird in the EXCLUDE list in your /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc, so that it doesn't get trumped by the package in the repos.

You can also download the localized binary from thunderbird's homepage, unpack it somewhere (anywhere you like) and run it from there. This also has the advantage of automatic updates straight from mozilla.

Re: thunderbird 60.5

Posted: 5. Feb 2019, 21:19
by more
Thanks Gapan!

Following your suggestion Thunderbird now its in italian again !!