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Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 28. Sep 2022, 12:40
by Bird
@Gapan: Can you modify the SLACKBUILDS.TXT file? I think I've found the solution to a couple of problems there. Who else would be to ask?

Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 28. Sep 2022, 14:49
by gapan
Hi Bird, I've seen your comments (and your PM). Sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been thinking about it, but the problem is that we don't have a mechanism to update the SLACKBUILDS.TXT file or any other part of the slackbuilds repository manually. For the latest stable slackware release, which has an ever changing SBo repository, updating is managed by these scripts:
Every time the original SBo repository is updated, these scripts are run and for each package can perform these actions (and these alone):
1. exclude a slackbuild in our own SLACKBUILDS.TXT (SBoEXCLUDE list)
2. replace the naming of some dependencies (for packages that are named differently in SBo and our own binary repos) (SBoREPLACE list)
3. add extra dependencies to a slackbuild (SBoAdd list)

and that's it. I can't edit the SLACKBUILDS.TXT file manually, because every change will be reverted every time the scripts are ran. And I can't edit individual slackbuilds for problems either, that's SBo's job.

For previous releases, it's mostly the same too, except for the fact that the original SBo repository is not updated anymore. But pretty much all "editing" I'm doing on our repos is through these same scripts.

What kind of fixes do you have in mind? Is it only for the SLACKBUILDS.TXT file or does it involve slackbuild scripts too? For which releases? Only 14.2 and 14.1?

Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 29. Sep 2022, 12:02
by Bird
Thanks for the explanation. I'll head to the Slackbuild makers at then and tell them. They probably are highly interested in this whole thread!

Here are my fixes for SLACKBUILDS.TXT:

1. Replace download link (for Salix 13.37, 14.0 and 14.1):


Same version for Salix 13.37, 14.0 and 14.1. The package is not present in that way on Salix 14.2. The MD5 hasn't changed.

2. Replace download link (for Salix 14.2):

SLACKBUILD NAME: palemoon-bin
SLACKBUILD DOWNLOAD_x86_64: ... tk2.tar.xz

3. Replace the MD5SUM for Palemoon (on Salix 14.2):

SLACKBUILD MD5SUM: f522cab929ec62382dc30391a590b039

I think there was a problem with the checksums. Previously, there were three different checksums listed. Is it true, that there is a seperate checksum for every file, that needs to be downloaded? But there is only one file to download for Palemoon, so maybe the other checksums were out of place.

Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 29. Sep 2022, 15:26
by SalixManiac
Hello Bird,

If you want I can provide you palemoon-30.0.1-x86_64-1_SBo.tgz compile on Salix64 14.2 (GCC-7.5 KMOD -24 update) now GCC-7 is mandatory to compile Palemoon.

I would recompile without my CPU extensions

Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 30. Sep 2022, 07:59
by Bird
@SalixManiac: Hm... there were some troubles with Palemoon around these versions (29-30). The developers destroyed some of the existing addons. I want the old version of Noscript for it reacting fast and being very useable. I guess I'd stay with an older version, but thanks for the offer. It would be somewhat useful to have multiple versions of these browsers in the repository, which is the case for Firefox, but the v29 of Palemoon has its purpouse.

Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 30. Sep 2022, 08:07
by gapan
Bird wrote:
29. Sep 2022, 12:02
Thanks for the explanation. I'll head to the Slackbuild makers at then and tell them. They probably are highly interested in this whole thread!
I'm quite certain that in the best case, they will be completely indifferent. They make it very clear that older versions of SBo are not receiving any updates or fixes.

And they definitely don't care about whatever we're doing in salix.

Unknown package "lib". Issue with depfinder?

Posted: 8. Oct 2022, 17:21
by DidierSpaier
Hello gapan and all,

Following this message:
I downloaded this package: ... ix15.0.txz
and the associated dep file: ... ix15.0.dep
then ran:
depfinder mediainfo-21.09-x86_64-1salix15.0.txz > mediainfo-21.09-x86_64-1salix15.0.local.dep
replaced all "," by "\n" in both .dep files
then ran:
diff -u mediainfo-21.09-x86_64-1salix15.0.dep mediainfo-21.09-x86_64-1salix15.0.local.dep
output below:

Code: Select all

--- mediainfo-21.09-x86_64-1salix15.0.dep	2022-10-08 18:49:50.047996123 +0200
+++ mediainfo-21.09-x86_64-1salix15.0.local.dep	2022-10-08 18:52:04.868727951 +0200
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
@@ -11,7 +10,6 @@
@@ -19,11 +17,9 @@
Indeed the "lib" dependencies puzzles me and to a lesser degree the "libmms" dependency (supposed to be an auto-detected dependency of libmediainfo).

Neither a "lib" package nor a "libmms" package are installed here.

Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 8. Oct 2022, 17:59
by djemos
I confirm. I build with slapt-src the mediainfo and the created dep file contains a lib dependency which is wrong.
libmms and libzen are dependencies.

Re: Installations and their Dependencies

Posted: 9. Oct 2022, 14:46
by Bird
On Salix 14.1 32-bit, for the SlackBuild Kdenlive 0.9.8, there are some missing dependencies:
I did install gsm manually and unchecked "Resolve dependencies" in Sourcery.

Well, it's really an old version, and the developers probably have other things to do. But this is more for my personal documentation when installing these systems that run pretty well with the old programs.

Re: Installations and their Dependencies (issue with surf)

Posted: 13. Oct 2022, 21:25
by DidierSpaier
This file mentions libmanette as dependency, probably because in Salix it is a dependency of webkit2gtk, itself a dependency of surf.

This is good for Salix but not for Slint as in Slint webkit2gtk does not depend on libmanette. As a result I can use slapt-src to build and install dmenu and surf, but then slapt-get --upgrade:
  • wants to replace surf by the one in extra-15.0
  • but cant because libmanette is not installed
I have two ways to solve this discrepancy.
  • ship libmanette in Slint (probably the best way, even if do not rebuild webkit2gtk)
  • write slapt-get --upgrade -s --ignore-dep (looks to me as an ugly workaroud)
@gapan what do you think?

As an aside I like surf, a lot faster than Firefox. Based on webkit2gtk, with only 2149 lines of code in surf.c.