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Kdenlive installation problems

Posted: 5. Jun 2021, 10:08
by Bird
I encountered some problems with video cutting program kdenlive 0.9.10. To be set up on my new computer (only 8 years old, but now with 64-Bit Salix 14.2).

First of all, there are missing dependencies:

The program builds fine then. But starting Kdenlive doesn't work. Pretty much exactly, what was described in this thread on Linuxquestions: ... 175593160/

It suggests to remove "qt5" from the system and reinstall "mlt". However these two are dependant on each other. Removing qt5 removes mlt too. Any fun stuff that can be done with the slapt-get command to avoid that?

Also is it a bad idea to install the super-KDE program Kdenlive on a Xfce desktop?

Re: Kdenlive installation problems

Posted: 5. Jun 2021, 11:39
by gapan
You can remove any package without checking for dependencies with spkg, for example:

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sudo spkg -d qt5
That will not uninstall mlt, even if mlt depends on qt5.

And you can install any package with slapt-get without installing any of its dependencies:

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sudo slapt-get --no-dep -i mlt
will install mlt without any of its dependencies. If it will actually work is another issue.

Re: Kdenlive installation problems

Posted: 6. Jun 2021, 13:51
by Bird
Thank you! These commands were helpful. To run the very dated Kdenlive 0.9.10, qt5 has to be uninstalled. Re-installing qt5 after Kdenlive breaks it again. I guess I have to decide between qt5 programs (VLC and Wireshark for example) and Kdenlive on this installation of Salix 14.2. Kdenlive by the way is a fantastic video editor, very powerful once learned. But its current version crashed too often on an odd Kubuntu, so let's see if the old version performs better with Salix.

Re: Kdenlive installation problems

Posted: 8. Jun 2021, 11:52
by laprjns
You could try the appimage from here, Seems to work here.

Re: Kdenlive installation problems

Posted: 12. Jun 2021, 08:46
by Bird
Thank you, laprjns. I didn't know what an AppImage is, but for me as a user, AppImages are more convenient than dependency hell. The new version of Kdenlive runs well as an AppImage on Salix it seems.