Salix Live beta1

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Re: Salix Live beta1

Post by Shador » 5. Nov 2009, 18:40

Akuna wrote:Regarding ext4 detection, it probably depends on the tools the live-scripts are depending on to detect filesystems.

At the moment both fdisk & parted are seeing ext4 as ext3. While lshal sees ext4 correctly.
In fact because of this I am planning to switch to lshal for the installer filesys detection instead of parted
What about a modular approach? So we can easily switch the utility used for flesys detection in the future.

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Re: Salix Live beta1

Post by gapan » 6. Nov 2009, 09:27

JRD wrote:Maybe you can add a target version or project in SF bugzilla, Akuna ?
I just added "SalixLive 13.0" as a milestone. :)

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Re: Salix Live beta1

Post by JRD » 6. Nov 2009, 09:31

Thanks Gapan & Thenktor :)