Salix Live MATE 13.37

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Salix Live MATE 13.37

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Salix Live MATE 13.37 has been officially released and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

This is another Live release created using SaLT (Salix Live Technology), a new powerful system of Live tools for Slackware-based distributions, developed in-house. This is also the first ever Salix release to incorporate isohybrid technology.

The Salix Live MATE 13.37 release mirrors our previous "standard installation" MATE release in terms of featured software. The MATE 1.2 Desktop Environment is included. MATE will be extremely familiar to every previous GNOME 2 user, as it is a direct fork of it, providing the user with all the functionality and work patterns they were accustomed to. All major GNOME 2 Desktop applications have been ported and have been renamed. For example, the Nautilus file manager is now named Caja in MATE, the Evince document viewer is now Atril and the File-Roller archive manager is now Engrampa. Other important applications included in this release are the Firefox web browser, the LibreOffice suite, the GIMP image editor, the Exaile music library and more. Of course the full collection of Salix system administration tools is included.

Like all Salix releases, installation can be performed in three different modes: Core, Basic and Full. The Core mode installation is identical to that present in all other Salix editions, it will only install a command line system, no GUI applications or environments. The Basic mode installation will install a very basic system with the MATE Desktop Environment, the Firefox web browser and the collection of Salix system tools, including the Gslapt package manager and Sourcery Slackbuild manager and not much more than that. The MATE Desktop Environment is as minimal as possible in a Basic mode installation, it only includes the Caja file, the MATE preferences tools and a few panel applets. A full mode installation includes everything that is present in the ISO images. Installation is performed using the friendly SalixLive graphical installer and all other Live-specific tools are included, like the Salix Persistence manager (a graphical tool that helps create and use a persistence file with your Live session) and LiveClone (a graphical tool that makes it extremely easy for everyone to create new customized live images, with any additional software or settings).

As mentioned above, this release is built with isohybrid technology. That means that in addition to the usual method of putting Salix Live on a USB drive ( ... _a_USB_key), you can now just use the dd command, or similar software in other platforms, to copy the image directly to your USB drive. While this is definitely the easiest way of putting Salix Live on a USB drive and is guaranteed to work without needing to tweak any partition settings or boot options on your USB drive, the "old" way, as described in the wiki page mentioned above is still more powerful; you can put more than one distributions on your USB drive, partition it the way you want to and use any remaining space for your documents, things that are not possible if you write the image directly to the USB drive using the dd command.

In order to take advantage of the new isohybrid iso, you just need to run (example for the 32-bit iso):

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dd if=salixlive-mate-13.37-32.iso of=/dev/sdc
provided the iso file is present in the current directory and your USB drive is /dev/sdc
WARNING: Make absolutely sure you know which device corresponds to your USB drive. In the above example, it is /dev/sdc, it could probably be different in any other case. You could potentially lose all data in your hard drives if you use the wrong device name.

Like our previous Salix Live releases in the 13.37 branch, this release can also be installed directly through a network using the PXE booting initrd images you will find below.

The Salix Startup Guide is also included, providing a friendly introduction to Salix and Salix Live. You can read it using the handy link on the MATE Desktop. You can also find the Guide online: ... rtup_Guide

Salix Live MATE 13.37 (32-bit)
(size: 690 MB, md5: f3d8f586b28155ba686a310d8c6f6b1e)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... so.torrent
initrd for 32-bit PXE booting
(size: 9 MB, md5: cb8242e6e809f06fc6d1d3b5139478c8)[/b]
Sourceforge: ... 3.37-32.xz

Salix64 Live MATE 13.37 (64-bit)
(size: 719 MB, md5: 8077b73e8fdb95cfd90ccd09e67e5687)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... so.torrent
initrd for 64-bit PXE booting
(size: 9 MB, md5: f7206b126b0c31106e530ac4923952e7)
Sourceforge: ... 3.37-64.xz

The root user password is: live
Standard user login: one / no password (auto-logged in)

Many thanks to JRD and djemos for building all testing and final images of these releases.

Have fun!
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Re: Salix Live MATE 13.37

Post by antmon »

Has always great work! Congratulations to the team!
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Re: Salix Live MATE 13.37

Post by Adys »

A minor detail:

In "salixlive-mate-13.37-32.iso -> README-UsbInstall" it says that "unetbootin Version 576+ are ok".
At ... an_USB_key it says "Versions greater or equal to 575 correctly deal with USB installation and persistence."

The wiki is correct. The "README-UsbInstall" file should say "575+ are ok". This may be important for users just because currently the latest available version of unetbootin is 575 :).
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Re: Salix Live MATE 13.37

Post by JRD »

Thanks Adys...I will change it for further releases.