Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

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Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by gapan » 23. Dec 2009, 18:18

The Salix team is proud to announce the release of Salix 13.0.2. The most important change this release brings is the addition of a 64-bit port of Salix! As the 32-bit counterpart, Salix64 is fully backwards compatible with Slackware64 and provides a simple and fast way to install an XFCE based system that follows the one-app-per-task philosophy. The 64-bit repositories already include a considerable number of packages, making it the largest third party package repository for Slackware64 users available! The Salix team has also created and maintains a repository that includes dependency information for all Slackware packages, 32 and 64-bit.

Another important addition this release brings is the inclusion of the huge.s Slackware kernel in the 32-bit iso, which now makes it possible to install Salix in PCs with AMD K6, Intel Pentium or even 486 CPUs.

Other changes for Salix 13.0.2 include:
* Fixes for security issues in the kernel, mozilla-firefox and many other packages
* Added simplified user creation mode during installation and some more minor impovements to the installer
* Updated XFCE package that fixes an important bug which caused vfat usb devices to always mount with the sync option
* Included salix-update-notifier, a tool that periodically checks for available package updates and informs the user about them with the display of a non-intrusive tray icon, which can be used to launch the upgrade process with gslapt
* Localized taskbar buttons on the XFCE desktop

You can visit our downloads page (link) to get the new Salix or Salix64 iso using bittorrent or the SourceForge mirrors.

On behalf of the Salix team, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a very happy new year :)


New iso images have been uploaded that fix the problem with the autoinstaller mentioned below. These new images are versioned 13.0.2a, and you will find them in the download page, as they have replaced the 13.0.2 images. Everyone that has downloaded a 13.0.2 iso, just don't select to do an autoinstall when you have a hard drive bigger than 15GB to stay out of trouble. Again, our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

A bug has been found with the 13.0.2 iso images thanks to stuckinoregon. Apparently the autoinstall feature doesn't work right when the hard drive size is bigger than 15GB. So if your hard drive is bigger than 15GB and you want to dedicate the entire hard drive to Salix, please choose the install option in the installer instead of autoinstall. You can set the partition scheme in any way you want then.

If this has already happened to you and you don't want to redo the installation, then there is a way to fix it. When you get to the gdm login screen, press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to switch to a real terminal. Log in as the root user and then run this sequence of commands:

Code: Select all

umount /home
mkdir /newhome
mount /dev/hda3 /newhome
mv /home/yourusername /newhome/
umount /newhome
rmdir /newhome
mount /dev/hda3 /home
(you might have to use sda3 instead of hda3 if you have a sata hard drive)
After that you can go back to the gdm screen by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F7 and log in as you were supposed to do in the first place.

We are very sorry (and embarrassed) for this and for any trouble it might have caused you.

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by thenktor » 23. Dec 2009, 18:41

Let me say this, too: I wish you all Merry Christmas and a very happy new year 8-)

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by christian » 23. Dec 2009, 20:44

I wish you all Merry Christmas, many presents :shock: and a happy and successful new year 2010 :-)


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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by witek » 23. Dec 2009, 21:09

Will there be any info on distrowatch?

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by gapan » 23. Dec 2009, 21:11

witek wrote:Will there be any info on distrowatch?
I guess so. I've send them an email.

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by JRD » 23. Dec 2009, 22:44

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year too !
I wish you all a good experience with Linux, Free softwares and Salix, a good health, and of course a tons of geek presents for Christmas :D

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by EricC » 24. Dec 2009, 00:29

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, be safe!

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by SoleSoul » 24. Dec 2009, 01:29

Wow. 64 bit port is really something. I wonder when Salix will be known better. Looks like the whole slackware community will benefit from your work.
I'm really happy to see the progress.
Good luck!

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by Duncan_Idaho » 24. Dec 2009, 05:28

congratulations Salix Team!! :mrgreen:
I want to thank you guys for this great distro, I really like it a lot :D
I'm going to give a try to the 64bit version

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by franzy » 24. Dec 2009, 10:42

very nice present for christmas..
salix run very well and without big problems.
i hope to find as soon as possible the xinerama function in xorg: it's necessary to display (and compare) bourse quotations in different sites.
one question: i'm buyng an AMD64 CPU, what type (in the middle range) it's better for new salix 64 (and also for slack of course..)?

whises from italy!