Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

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Re: Salix 13.0.2 is ready!

Post by zaen » 6. Mar 2010, 23:21

DW default ranking range for the last 6 months...
No wonder it wasn't there when I first searched for it. Indeed it is now on 38th place as of the last 7 days. And thanks for the warm welcome.

Some comments on that review by Bernard Hoffman. As you can see he recommended Salix over the other distros which were also good. But what really struck me was this: As I clicked on the images of the three desktops, I saw that the Salix desktop had the cleanest, sharpest, clearest font rendering. I don't know how you did it fellows, but that sold me. That maybe a "shallow" reason but when the competition is fierce, hey, any bit of advantage makes a difference. I said to myself, this I gotta have! I mentioned as much to another forum I am member of... just spreading awareness that there's a really cool Slackware-based distro out there.

Congratulations and more power to Salix developers and supporters!