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Re: SalixLive Xfce 14.1

Posted: 6. Nov 2014, 12:29
by djemos
For live environment, standard user is “one” with password: "one"
User one is a super user. This is what you need to use applications need super user privileges.

Re: SalixLive Xfce 14.1

Posted: 7. Nov 2014, 01:28
by Atip
djemos wrote:
gapan wrote:I just added a note at the announcement that booting with persistence for the first time will take longer that usual.
I suggest users to not boot with persistent for the first time.
It is better to use the script to create a persistent file. And in next boot to use persistent.
Creating a 1,2,3,4 GB persistent file on first boot will take a long time.
I will make a new install accordingly.

Re: SalixLive Xfce 14.1

Posted: 7. Nov 2014, 07:57
by Atip
Desktop PC


Made a new install w/o persistent

First boot of Live and Live (persistent) hang on
Mounting proc file system
Second boot with acpi=off run thru.

Third boot acpi=on run thru.

In boot Live (persistent) made a persistent file running the script.

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sudo sh --persistent 32 /dev/sdc
Worked well. Things are now a lot faster than on first install with peristent created on install.
Midori comes up now in less than a second. :)