Salix Xfce 14.2

Re: Salix Xfce 14.2

Postby paschalis_sp » 11. Oct 2016, 16:16

Thank you for your answer... Does the installer support LVM installation (partitioning/mounting)?
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Re: Salix Xfce 14.2

Postby mimosa » 11. Oct 2016, 17:04

I'm not actually sure without checking (but just do a dry run yourself with the installation image) but I suspect this is as good as it gets:

which doesn't actually look that hard. If you decide to try that way, please do let us know how you get on!
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Re: Salix Xfce 14.2

Postby revoke » 20. Jan 2017, 21:59

I just wanted to stop by today to say (again), I am loving Salix 14.2, enough that I even donated last night. After finally retiring a 13-year-old HP Penitum M (non-PAE) 32-bit 12" laptop that was running the old 14.1 Fluxbox edition (and had started on version 13), I moved on to a newer Dell i3 64-bit 11" laptop as the start of the year. EVERYTHING worked out of the box (even suspend and hibernate, which were problematic on older systems).

This is the first time I have gone for the 64-bit version, and the transition was pretty easy. Even with the ultra-low power mobile processor, everything has been fast, really fast. Software has been readily obtainable either via GSlapt, Sorcery, good ol' installpkg, install scripts, or DEB/RPM conversion (in a couple of rare cases). In total, it probably only took me a couple of hours to get everything the way I wanted (in contrast with Slack which typically takes me a couple of days, and even older Salix versions which still took about a day). I've never gotten a Slackware-based distro all the way up this fast. This truly is "Linux for the Lazy Slacker".

So, again, AWESOME job on this release. Also, the new logo (you guys should release the logo on some merch) and simple background are quite nice. I only made minor personal preference changes to the default theme (transparent text labels on the desktop, Start L in the menu properties to make the Windows key launch the Xfce menu, a power applet for mobile, etc), so, again beautiful, fast, and functional pretty much right out of the gate. Cheers!
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