Salix 13.1alpha1

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Re: Salix 13.1alpha1

Post by Akuna » 6. May 2010, 05:49

Check if /lib/modules/2.6.33.x-smp is the same version as /boot/vmlinuz-huge-smp-2.6.33.x-smp
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Re: Salix 13.1alpha1

Post by Shador » 6. May 2010, 10:23

You could also try one or both of these scripts:
This one tries to fetch not yet installed deps of installed packages and offers to install them with slapt-get:
The second one reinstalls all installed packages also available to slapt-get:
(I used it for example already when I accidentally deleted /usr/share/mime or similar. As long as it wasn't /var/log/packages it works great.

Both scripts prompt before installing anything.
Also don't forget to run dotnew afterwards and be careful replacing files with their newer versions (e.g. /etc/shadow and similar are no good idea).
Running slapt-get -u beforehand is also recommendable.

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Re: Salix 13.1alpha1

Post by Duncan_Idaho » 7. May 2010, 17:42

I did a clean reinstall and everything is working great! :mrgreen:
thanks for the help anyway, I'm gonna keep shador's scripts around just in case :)