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IRC channel moving to

Posted: 26. May 2021, 14:15
by gapan
Following the upheaval with Freenode the last week, I created a #salix channel on Our homepage already points to that instead of the old channel at Freenode. There is no webchat feature yet on, so access is possible only through using an IRC client, but that is being worked on. I urge everyone to move to that channel.

For the time being the #salix channel at Freenode is still up. If I mention anything about there, the channel will probably be forcefullly snatched away from my control, as has already happened with hundreds of other channels. Since we have a default desktop icon on all new installations that uses that channel as a contact point through the Freenode webchat, I will not delete the channel in Freenode yet. That will probably happen after Salix 15.0 is released though (it will be released at some point! :mrgreen: ).

I won't go into the details of the conflict, if anyone wants, they can find a lot of information online. I'm adding a few links below though:
* Libera.​Chat homepage
* freenode now belongs to Andrew Lee, and I'm leaving for a new network.
* Upheaval at freenode
* Gentoo Freenode channels have been hijacked
* CentOS IRC channels moving to
* Mutt IRC channel moving to Libera.Chat
* IRC/Migrating to Libera Chat

Re: IRC channel moving to

Posted: 27. May 2021, 08:40
by Artim
Wow. But it's nice to have choices!

Re: IRC channel moving to

Posted: 27. May 2021, 15:38
by gapan
They're working fast at A web interface is now available at:

Re: IRC channel moving to

Posted: 28. May 2021, 08:13
by DidierSpaier
gapan wrote:
27. May 2021, 15:38
They're working fast at A web interface is now available at:
... And you can reach #slint using this URL: as well as with your preferred IRC agent.

If i am not mislead-ed most if not all of the freenode channels that have been closed had libera mentioned in their topic. To (try to) avoid that I will keep the topic as it is, as I also will keep both channels open for now.

Just for fun, I was watching the channel #freenode-policy-feedback channel at yesterday (opened supposedly to get feedback on the draft of the new policies of the network, no more labeled a draft now) when it was abruptly closed, as shows this log:

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(28/05/2021 00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:47:25) mode (+b *!*@*) par rasengan
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:47:50) rasengan: This channel has long survived passed its usefulness.
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:48:17) mode (+imf #freenode) par ChanServ
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:48:24) [nick hidden by didier]: no dont close it!
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:50:40) rasengan: Those who wish to properly discuss freenode, policies and genuinely provide feedback, we will be providing a system of doing so in a much more transparent way.  In the meantime, if you need a staff member please join #freenode, #freenode-services (group/chan/nick help) or #help (general IRC help).
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:51:30) rasengan: Thank you all for your participation.  It's been very much appreciated.  We exist for you.  Have a good day and thank you for your patience and passion!
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:51:52) mode (+l 1) par ChanServ
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:51:52) [nick hidden by didier] a quitté le salon (Expulsé par ChanServ (CLEAR USERS used by rasengan))
(00:00:11) DidierSpaier: (23:51:52) Vous avez été expulsé par ChanServ (CLEAR USERS used by rasengan)
I was not the only one ousted, we were more than 300 users in this room if I understand well. Finding who has the nick rasengan is left to the reader as a (not too difficult) exercise. To be honest this channel was very few used on purpose, most messages there just criticized the take over, some in not very polite terms.

I have hesitated between opening a channel for Slint at oftc or libera, was encouraged to the latter by a lady who has been on and off a member of the freenode staff since twenty years and now of the libera staff.