Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

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Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by gapan »

It has been a long journey. Salix 15.0 is finally here! With so much time since our stable release, the changelog is huge and a lot of things have changed!

On a high level, this release includes Xfce 4.16 as the main environment! This is now based on GTK+3 and almost everything else that comes with a default installation has been upgraded to use GTK+3. This includes all our graphical system tools, which have received significant updates and a more modern look. The default software selection hasn't changed much, but of course everything has been upgraded to their latest releases, including Firefox 102ESR, LibreOffice 7.4, GIMP 2.10 and more. Whiskermenu is used as our default panel menu now. There have been extensive discussions in our forums with respect to how the new release will look and everything has been revamped, including a new GTK theme, a new icon theme, a new window manager theme and a default wallpaper, especially tailored for Salix 15.0. While the "light" versions of the above are used by default, "dark" versions are readily available. In general, our users will find themselves in a modern but familiar environment.

One of the reasons that it took so long to make this release, is that our software repositories are now full of packages. We have built thousands of packages in an enormous effort and these are available for immediate installation through the Gslapt package manager. The package repositories for 15.0 are larger than those of all our previous releases combined! On top of that, it is now possible to install software using flatpaks! Salix 15.0 has Flathub as a preconfigured source of software and we have also developed software for better desktop integration. Users should only need to browse and install any software they wish a few clicks.

The installer has received several updates under the hood, but on the surface is the same classical text dialog-driven installer we've always had. Thanks to our wonderful translator community, it is now available in several different languages, including Catalan, Dutch, English (US and Great Britain), French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguege (Brazil and Portugal), Spanish (Spain and Costa Rica), Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian!

On a lower level, a lot of things have changed considerably, mostly inherited from Slackware, including the adoption of PAM and updated GCC 11, GLIBC 2.33 and kernel 5.15.63, while ConsoleKit has been replaced by elogind. As always, a full development environment is provided with the default Salix installation.

Against all current trends, Salix 15.0 comes in both 64-bit and 32-bit flavors, so it can be used on modern as well as older hardware. As always, the 32-bit iso includes both an i686 kernel with SMP support that requires PAE and an i586 kernel without SMP support that can run on CPUs without PAE.

I could not thank all the people that participated in testing our prereleases enough. Everyone's input was invaluable. This release would not have been possible without everyone that was involved in any way. This is the greatest release so far. Thank you!

Have fun!

Salix64 Xfce 15.0 (64-bit, x86_64)
(md5: 46121e56e3e5621d6b905ab53ed9ce8d, size: 1.4GB)
Sourceforge: ... e-15.0.iso
torrent: ... .0.torrent

Salix Xfce 15.0 (32-bit, i586/i686)
(md5: bbb839c08938f72e547fd3fa9ef121b0, size: 1.4GB)
Sourceforge: ... e-15.0.iso
torrent: ... .0.torrent
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by mimosa »

Congratulations! It was worth the wait. Thanks to all who contributed in various ways, but above all, to gapan.
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by gaucho »

Well said, mimosa!

Kudos to gapan and the other Salix team members who made the 15.0 release possible! :) The beta and RCs were carefully crafted and very stable. gapan was super-attentive to user feedback and fixed bugs with lightning speed.

I'm looking forward to using Salix 15.0 on my old Dell laptop and HP Mini netbook.
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by joao »

Congratulations, It's a pleasure to see that Salix continues in a good development and with the releases. Thanks gapan to your efforts and the efforts of the team to do the work thal makes Salix possible.

;) ;) ;)
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by hugok »

Congratulations to all and especially to gapan for the hours of work and dedication. ;) Salix 15.0 is a great release and as always, it is solid as a rock! It's a pleasure to be part of this community since 2011.

Salix is special so enjoy your lazy Slackers :D
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by babam »

Congratulations, thanks a lot for the gapan and everyone who has tested and reported bugs.
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by DidierSpaier »

Congratulations first and foremost to gapan and also to all who contributed to this release!

Now announced on Distrowtach.
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by Papasot »

Congratulations to gapan and everybody else involved. It's officially here, and Distrowatch knows that already. This is the last post from 14.2 in a laptop (while backing up stuff), which will have 15.0 within the day - I tried betas and RCs, so I don't expect any surprise. Default package selection is as good as ever, there are very few applications I have to uninstall because I don't need them, and the repos are huge, everything I need is already there.

Previous Salixes set a very high standard of quality by being efficient and ridiculously stable like a heavy rock. 14.2 especially passed a long test of time. Now 15.0 has everything needed to be the new Salix distro worth its ancestors..
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by Burkhard »


excellent work and many thanks to everyone who contributed to it.

Greetings Burkhard
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Re: Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!

Post by simone »

Stable and fast, an easy to install Slackware. I have been using it for years, never a serious problem.
Congratulations to all the developers...
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