SalixLive Xfce 15.0 is here!

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SalixLive Xfce 15.0 is here!

Post by gapan »

After several rounds of extensive testing, we are proud to announce the release of Salix Live Xfce 15.0! The live environment is based on our own Salix Live Scripts and is available in both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures.

The software included in Salix Live Xfce 15.0 closely matches that which comes with our standard installation iso, offerring Xfce 4.16, Firefor ESR, LibreOffice, our Salix System tools collection along with everything else. Included in this release is also software that is specific to our Live release, featuring the Salix Live Installer, a graphical tool that allows the user to install Salix, from within the live environment to their hard drive. It is also possible, from within the Live environment, to make a frugal install, a complete Salix installation to a portable USB stick. The Live system also provides the option to use persistency, so there are multiple options to help you carry your Salix environment with you.

The Salix Live Startup Guide is available from within the Salix Live Installer applications menu and provides useful instructions for installing and setting up your Salix system.

The Gslapt and slapt-get package managers are of course also included, which make the Salix 15.0 repositories, consisting of thousands of software packages that are readily available for installation. Support for Flatpak is also included by default, making for an extensive range of available software. The environment is virtually identical to that of our standard release, including updated looks and a new system menu.

The live system automatically logs into the Xfce Desktop with user "one". If you need a password to launch applications with sudo powers, that is also "one". The root user is disabled as with the standard release.

If you would like to transfer the live iso to a USB stick, make sure you read the instructions in this README

You can download the iso images using the following links.

SalixLive64 Xfce 15.0 (64-bit, x86_64)
(size: 1.7GB, md5: 5400d0833f56e5abcb2fb7999795ef87)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... .0.torrent

SalixLive Xfce 15.0 (32-bit, i686)
(size: 1.7GB, md5: a21d9eb701a166313b5967dc4728d681)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... .0.torrent

Many thanks to djemos for all the hard work he put in this release and all the people that tested all the prereleases providing valuable feedback!

Have fun!
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Re: SalixLive Xfce 15.0 is here!

Post by hugok »

Congratulations Salix Team!

The live version of Salix is very useful, not only for testing before installing but also for all sorts of things.

Thank you!
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Re: SalixLive Xfce 15.0 is here!

Post by tahrik »

Congrats for the new release.

I have created some content on this release.

A blog post regarding the release,

A desktop tour video on YouTube

As a feedback - The GUI installer is too complicated for beginners. I think a proper installer like Calamares would be better.
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Re: SalixLive Xfce 15.0 is here!

Post by miredia »

tahrik wrote: 30. Nov 2022, 02:13 As a feedback - The GUI installer is too complicated for beginners. I think a proper installer like Calamares would be better.
Welcome to the forums!

Now I'm not sure which ISO I picked up to install Salix onto my HDD, but that one came with the installer that looks like that for Slackware. Cannot create a live session with persistence out of it. (This is for information. I'm happy with what I have now.)

Calamares is part of KDE which is a quite complex thing and it's slow, and it's buggy with a few distros that carry it (such as Redcore) but it's one of the best since it allows installing to external USB disk.

Congratulations to the Salix team, the news was on the front page of Distrowatch for a short while.
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Re: SalixLive Xfce 15.0 is here!

Post by SalixManiac »

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