install multilib package

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install multilib package

Post by djemos » 11. Sep 2013, 18:37

I have made this package for users to install, reinstall or upgrade multilib on x86_64 systems,
so users can run wine, skype or other i486 packages on x86_64 systems.

you can find the source here

and also the source on github here

Script will add gcc* and glibc* in blacklist, for not upgrade them with slapt-get

install-multilib can run only on x86_64 system
install-multilib has translations only on greek for the moment. Users can made translations to other languages using poedit.
install-multilib can install multilib for all versions of salix as well for slackel (slackware current)

after installing the package, type on a xterm

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install-multilib or install-multilib help or install-multilib h 
give the following output

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USAGE: install-multilib [salix|slackel] [local|download]

   salix,   Install multilib for all Salix versions
   slackel, Install multilib for slackel current
   local,   Installing from the local repo
   download,  Download the packages, converting and installing them...
================================== ATTENSION ===============================
Please add in blacklist gcc* and glibc*, for not upgrade them with slapt-get
1. To install multilib on salix just open a terminal and type

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install-multilib salix local
will download all files and install them and on the end delete the downloaded files

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install-multilib salix download 
will download the packages, convert and install them
of cource using the local parameter it will need less time since download ready packages and just install them.

2. for slackel (slackware current) it is the same just change salix with slackel.

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install-multilib slackel local
Just test it and i hope it will be useful for anyone.

Edit: To make it more clear install-multilib package

1. upgrade your 64bit Slackware gcc and glibc packages to their multilib
2. install 32-bit compatibility packages to support all
the 32-bit programs you may want to run

local parameter means
because me/we are lazy just download the "slackware64-compat32" directory
with all these converted packages for you and install them;

download parameter means
download a 32-bit Slackware package tree and convert the packages and install them
which take much time

3. After installation files are deleted to free space in both cases (local or download)

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