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Posted: 3. Jul 2016, 08:34
by chmuri
How to create auto compile for salix packages on ubuntu? I would like to create auto compiler who will constantly build packages an put it on mirror for our community.Is there a posibility for that on non salix or slackware systems? How is this used for main auto build package systems?

Re: Serverbuild

Posted: 3. Jul 2016, 18:09
by mimosa
Nothing like that is going to work. Salix packages need to be built and run on Slackware / Salix.

Re: Serverbuild

Posted: 4. Jul 2016, 18:22
by chmuri
Ok but when i have it how to automate to create self creating packages for salix?

Re: Serverbuild

Posted: 4. Jul 2016, 21:23
by gapan
Actually, you could do Salix chroots in almost any distribution. You only need to have a somewhat recent kernel in the host distribution and to install spkg. I haven't tested it with any other distributions, but salix-chroot-install should work, as long as spkg is installed:

You can extract the spkg binary from the salix packages and put it in your host distributions /usr/local/bin I guess. After that you can use salix-chroot-install to install salix somewhere in your HD according to the instructions.

After you have set up everything, if you want to build lots of packages, I guess you could just make a list of them in a file and then run something like:

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for i in `cat LIST`; do spi -i $i; done
Of course, a more isolated solution could be using a Salix VM.

Re: Serverbuild

Posted: 15. Jul 2016, 10:48
by mimosa
gapan, it's amazing you can do that :)

chmuri, I don't fully understand what you're intending to do. Why the need to constantly rebuild the packages? Can't you just sync to the Salix / Slackware repositories (for security updates)? Or just host a mirror?