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Posted: 22. Nov 2019, 20:36
by mimosa
Support for the version of Anki in the repositories is coming to an end and from January, it will no longer sync with the Anki cloud. The simplest way to continue to use it is to download this version bundled with static libraries: ... te.tar.bz2
Even so it has one or two dependencies, including Wayland.

Under these circumstances, creating a new package would require a fair bit of work which I don't feel is justified.

To use it, unpack it somewhere and put a wrapper script in your path. The executable needs to be called from within the top directory unpacked from the tarball. I put this in /usr/local/share, with the following script located in /usr/local/bin:

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cd /usr/local/share/anki-2.1.15-linux-amd64-alternate/
Make it executable:

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sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/anki
Unistall the old anki before running it. The local copy of your decks should be left intact, but it is probably better to back it up first just in case:

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cp -r ~/Documents/Anki ~/Documents/Anki_backup