Overgrive - A Google Drive Client

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Overgrive - A Google Drive Client

Postby pnbalaji » 13. Aug 2017, 23:06


Is it possible to make a slackBuild for overgrive. It is one of the best linux based google drive client.

The URL is https://www.thefanclub.co.za/overgrive.

Insync is an alternative, but it is little more expensive than overgrive.

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Re: Overgrive - A Google Drive Client

Postby gapan » 14. Aug 2017, 14:03

Use google-drive-ocamlfuse. Install it with opam.

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sudo spi -i opam
opam install google-drive-ocamlfuse

it will get installed in an ~/.opam directory I think (so it's only for your user, not system-wide). You'll need to run it once to configure it:
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and then you can mount your google drive with:
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google-drive-ocamlfuse mountpoint

Unmount with:
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fusermount -u mountpoint
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