Typespeed (practice for blind typing)

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Typespeed (practice for blind typing)

Post by zAchAry » 10. Sep 2010, 07:40

Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS (Characters Per Second).
Typespeed's idea is ripped from ztspeed (a DOS game made by Zorlim). The Idea behind the game is rather easy: type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can. If you miss 10 or more words, game is over.

You can play typespeed for your own or with a friend using TCP/IPv4. These options are called Single player and Multiplayer respectively.

* Single player: In this mode you can play for yourself and try to get a place in your top 10 list. As you enter correct words, the speed will increase, so watch out. You can even pause the game if you are skilled enough to play so long that you need a little break. In Single player, you can adjust the game as you wish through a mechanism known as game rules. These are simple configuration files in which you specify how fast the game is, how many words can be left out until game over and many other things.
* Multiplayer: If you are brave enough to use our current network code (or sit in LAN with your friends), you can experience the most fun of typespeed: challenge an opponent. During the game, written words by you or your opponent will be thrown into the opposite game, so words can be strategicaly used to make life of your opponent even harder.

Typespeed is written in C and uses curses to display the menu and game. The network code is written using core library functions.
Website: http://tobias.eyedacor.org/typespeed/
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