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Posted: 9. Oct 2009, 07:08
by Akuna
Inkscape seems to need this library to embed images instead of just linking them (which it does by default)

Below is the eror message from Inkscape when I tried to embed an image.
The fantastic lxml wrapper for libxml2 is required by and therefore this extension. Please download and install the latest version from, or install it through your package manager by a command like: sudo apt-get install python-lxml
Thank you ;)

Re: python-lxml

Posted: 9. Oct 2009, 09:22
by gapan
Get it with slapt-get ;)

Should I add it as a suggested dependency to inkscape?

Re: python-lxml

Posted: 9. Oct 2009, 13:36
by Akuna
Thank you very much :)

Not sure what to say... I use it all the time but some folks may not & might be happy to have Inskscape work without it. I guess it depends on its size.

Your judgment! :)

Re: python-lxml

Posted: 10. Oct 2009, 11:27
by thenktor
Gapan is fast as a shark :ugeek: