is ushare could be add ?

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is ushare could be add ?

Post by pizux » 28. Dec 2009, 20:47

iam new to salix and i tried to find a ushare.txz but i don't , i've found this slackbuild but too hard for me to undestand ... &rev=2203

ushare is a upnp server use to cast media on your tv:ps3/xbox/freebox very usefull in france with our free internet provider

thanks in advance


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Re: is ushare could be add ?

Post by Shador » 28. Dec 2009, 23:30

I suggest you use mediatomb instead, which I just packaged for salix and used in the past very satisfied.
Package is so far not on the mirrors get it here: ... omb/r2038/ ... omb/r2038/

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Re: is ushare could be add ?

Post by laprjns » 29. Dec 2009, 00:28

Here's a ushare package for Salix32:

It needs libupnp which is already on the repository. I tested the package and it successfully served mps to my Netgear MP1010 media player.
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