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Posted: 17. Nov 2013, 08:08
by retriever
I would really like to see the latest version of Firefox as a default package. I realize that Mozilla sometimes releases upgrades often, but probably due to security concerns. Is this a possibility?

Thank you for reading my post.

Re: Firefox

Posted: 17. Nov 2013, 08:46
by laplume
Hello retriever,

Of course I cannot talk on behalf of Salix developers, but my guess is that being set on the stable path it is very likely that Firefox is going to get upgrades for the ESR branch . However, nothing keeps one away to build and install package from the source, assuming that relevant libraries are kept at par.


Re: Firefox

Posted: 17. Nov 2013, 08:51
by retriever
Thanks for the reply laplume. I figured that ESR was here to stay, just thought I'd ask.

Re: Firefox

Posted: 10. Jun 2014, 01:39
by beastie

Code: Select all

slackpkg search firefox

Looking for firefox in package list. Please wait... DONE

The list below shows all packages with name matching "firefox".

[uninstalled] - mozilla-firefox-17.0.11esr-x86_64-1_slack14.0

You can search specific files using "slackpkg file-search file".

WHY so obsolete?

Re: Firefox

Posted: 10. Jun 2014, 07:13
by gapan
Once again: ... h_Salix%3F

But since you are already using slackpkg... you should ask that question to Pat Volkerding. Please post back what he replied.