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Update Gajim

Posted: 28. Jul 2014, 14:09
by zAchAry
Available version is Gajim 0.16 beta2 whereas recent version is Gajim 0.16 RC2 which has several bug fixes of unexpected crashes.

Please patch file /gajim/src/ (and .po files) and rename:
dnsutils to bind
gnome-network-manager to network-manager-applet
libgtkspell to gtkspell
libxss to libXScrnSaver
notification-daemon to UNKNOWN (maybe libnotify)
python-avahi to avahi
python-crypto to pycrypto
python-dbus to UNKNOWN (maybe dbus)
python-docutils to docutils
python-farstream to farstream
python-gnome2 to UNKNOWN
python-gnome2-desktop to python-gnomekeyring
python-gnupg to gnupg
python-pyopenssl to pyOpenSSL

Example ... ages/gajim

Re: Update Gajim

Posted: 22. Aug 2015, 07:28
by zAchAry
Either update Gajim or remove it from Salix OS repository so user would get it from

There are security fixes in recent versions.