GLE / GLX graphics plotting

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GLE / GLX graphics plotting

Post by tim_c » 18. Jun 2015, 03:01

The venerable GLE package is not particularly popular, mentioned as available for Debian, Fedora and Susie, doesn't seem to be done for Salix.

I pulled the sources and followed the tin. To my surprise this seemed to work right through the make.

make doc doesn't work, no problem I already have a manual.

make install
Oh dear, complete fail, bleats about permissions.

I could do with help to fix this, perhaps not so easy given my age difficulties with 'nix. Hopefully the answer is trivial.

The objective is debugging and testing a large Lua based program producing GLE script and datafiles then driving GLE (which drives Ghostscript) producing large vector plots. (world maps to various projections overlain with gridded dataset coloured patches, perhaps annotated)
This works fine under win but passing the code to others raises the cross platform fluff problem hence I want to fix things. OSX is a separate matter, if they want it will have to help.

My wife's old computer dual boots to Salix 64, looks like 13.37 Xfe, seems viable.

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Re: GLE / GLX graphics plotting

Post by gapan » 18. Jun 2015, 07:48

If you're on 13.37, first run "su" to become root and then "make install".

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