dolibarr Open Source ERP & CRM for Business

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dolibarr Open Source ERP & CRM for Business

Post by ChuangTzu » 21. Jan 2017, 22:15

Came across this program in another forum, seems interesting, might be good to include for people who want to run Salix in a business environment.

Main site:
Source: ... t/download
addons (paid) not essential but could be listed:

"Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a modern software package to manage your organization's activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda, ...). It's an Open Source software (wrote in PHP language) designed for small, medium or large companies, foundations and freelances. You can freely use, study, modify or distribute it according to its Free Software licence. You can use it as a standalone application or as a web application to be able to access it from the Internet or a LAN."

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Re: dolibarr Open Source ERP & CRM for Business

Post by DidierSpaier » 24. Jan 2017, 12:50

I have heard about dolibarr long ago. At that time I ran my own very small company called EPSM and used a competitor called OpenSI on Linux.

But the people who developed OpenSI ceased to update the open source version and eventually the community website was closed.

I was involved in this community and wrote a distribution agnostic interactive installer that is still available. Actually, this is the first real shell script I wrote.

It still works it seems. It can install and configure a server and a client, but unfortunately it needs an obsolete Firefox version so the client probably don't work anymore (and anyway the server and client that the installer can download date back 2010). Requirements: MySQL, Tomcat, a JDK, Xulrunner, Firefox.

Have a look if you want, but it only speaks French.

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