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Posted: 15. Apr 2010, 01:57
by pevsner
I couldn't find gtk-qt-engine in the repo, so downloaded it from to make the fonts for gtk apps(chrome,firefox etc) look sleek in kde. I think it be nice to have it included.
quote from -
#12: Make GTK apps look like KDE ones
To get Gnome applications to look like their KDE counterparts involves installing a package called gtk-qt-engine, and both Kubuntu and Mandriva offer official packages. After installation, you'll find an extra configuration page in the System Settings/Appearance window called 'GTK Styles and Fonts'. Click on this, and you have several options on how to bring the two styles together.

Firstly, click on 'Use My KDE Style In GTK Applications' and make sure 'Use KDE fonts' is also selected. Then click on the 'Install Scrollbar Fix' to make an alteration to your Mozilla profile that should make the scrollbars in Firefox and Thunderbird look identical to those on native-KDE applications. You need to restart KDE to apply the changes, and you should see that the colours, icons and fonts have changed, as well as window decorations like the scrollbars.
So far I'm loving Salix.

Re: gtk-qt-engine

Posted: 30. Apr 2010, 12:15
by vredfreak
I don't know if you're still interested, but ...

I don't believe that gtk-qt-engine is being actively developed anymore. And in its current state it has a nasty bug that keeps firefox running in the background after you close it, eating up your cpu.

There is an alternative called gtk-kde4 (I believe). You can find it on That is what I am currently using, works fairly well but not perfectly.

Re: gtk-qt-engine

Posted: 30. Apr 2010, 23:03
by pevsner
Thankyou vredfreak, I will check it.
I've actually gone back to xcfe (using oxygen themes and icons from xfce-look). Xfce4.8 is out soonish I think and looks to have some nice changes.

Re: gtk-qt-engine

Posted: 14. Oct 2010, 06:07
by zAchAry
reference: gtk-kde4 < ... tent=74689>

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