Privoxy? (an ad blocker)

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Re: Privoxy? (an ad blocker)

Post by dpeirce » 7. May 2010, 20:14

Who is my email provider? That's just a little complicated: I use a forwarder located at, and my current ISP and email provider is Century Tel ( I use the forwarder so that my email address doesn't change when I move or travel; I just re-do my account on the forwarder to point to my new ISP email address. So I've had the same email address for a little over 15 years now even though I travel a lot and have many temporary 'homes' and ISPs.

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Re: Privoxy? (an ad blocker)

Post by zAchAry » 21. Aug 2010, 07:47

dpeirce wrote:Could y'all consider putting Privoxy in your repository? Privoxy intercepts ads before they appear in your browser, and thereby speeds up web surfing and makes accessed web pages look much nicer. It makes surfing much more pleasant.
gapan wrote:Why not use an ad block plugin for your browser?
Wow, I AM shocked! :shock:
To be more independent, maybe. maybe I don't want to use XUL stuff, isn't it very much about what projects like GNU, Linux, FreeBSD, X11, etc. etc. are all about?
I mean why should one use the .doc of Microsoft when he/she can maintain .odt of by herself/himself, with the appropriate knowledge to do so, or one who desires to change things with .odt will pay to other that has the appropriate knowledge to do it, and it will still be opened to manipulate things afterward.
But, on the other hand, ABP is indeed an open source project and I guess that it can be ported to outside of a web browser.
dpeirce wrote:I use Opera mostly, but also Firefox, Chrome, and Dillo, and any other new ones I see. I need one ad blocker which works for all of them. Privoxy intercepts ads for any browser, and isn't limited to one browser as is the AdBlocker extension for Firefox. It even works for Internet Explorer - if one is using Wine or a virtualizer.
This is another and a very good reason to get Privoxy.
Moreover, Privoxy take between 800Kb to 4.xMb RAM, which is very important, in my opinion.
Less RAM = more features for people/users with older/slower hardware.
Privoxy can also block web-pages and web-sites.

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