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Post by omns » 16. May 2010, 19:18

The current package for cheese throws up the following error in the beta and needs to be rebuilt against the newer gstreamer.

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One or more needed gstreamer elements are missing: gconfaudiosrc, gconfvideosink
I'm still refreshing my memory on building slack packages. Could some kind soul rebuild this one for me?
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Re: Cheese

Post by damNageHack » 16. May 2010, 20:05 ... SlackBuild
--> you need to adjust at least the version (and maybe arch for x86_64 if needed) in SlackBuild and download the current tar.bz2.

See also: ... ld-805831/

But ... :?:
# slapt-get -search cheese
cheese-2.24.3-i486-1gv [inst=no]: cheese - take pictures and videos from a webcam
Is it really a problem of cheese itself or maybe better some of gstreamer?
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Re: Cheese

Post by gapan » 16. May 2010, 20:46

omns, are you sure you have all gstreamer packages installed? salix-codecs-installer should take care of that if you haven't. If you have, then it's probably a bug with one of the gstreamer packages.

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