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Post by DmitrySokol » 26. Jan 2023, 09:12

Hello! I need to install subj, but can't find a package. How can I install it?

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Re: i2pd

Post by laprjns » 26. Jan 2023, 11:18

It's in the repro, see here,

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$ sudo slapt-get --se i2pd
XD-0.4.2-x86_64-1salix15.0 [inst=no]: XD (I2P BitTorrent Client written in GO)
i2pd-2.42.1-x86_64-1salix15.0 [inst=no]: i2pd (I2P Daemon)
If you want to install then do this

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$ sudo slapt-get -i i2pd
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