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Re: WIP: bashburn, zenity, lua

Posted: 5. Oct 2012, 01:35
by mimosa
I suppose those would be "good reasons" ;)

I've just started looking at Lua this evening, and one of my many doubts was about the version. SOme of the stuff gapan put in the package last time round seems to be meant for 5.1 not 5.2.

So if you already have a working build for 5.1, and you feel that would be more useful on balance than 5.2, please go ahead. I haven't got very far yet but far enough to see it might take me some time to understand how to package this.

Meanwhile, racket, gracket, dracket, schmacket.

Re: WIP: bashburn, zenity, lua

Posted: 7. Oct 2012, 17:04
by mimosa
I've been having a look around for a more functional replacement for bashburn, and came across burncenter:

A 32-bit package for it is here: ... 6-1tjb.txz

I haven't tested it much, but was able to burn a DVD without changing any of the config settings, let alone messing with /etc/fstab.

I found it here:

where there are several more. I also tried "mybashburn", but that was even worse than bashburn - it couldn't cope with the size of my terminal emulator window.


Also, what about this one? ;)

Re: WIP: bashburn, zenity, lua

Posted: 11. Oct 2012, 12:52
by gapan
burncenter looks OK. Please remind me about it again in case I forget. burnCDDA is nice, but it's only for audio CDs.

Re: WIP: bashburn, zenity, lua

Posted: 11. Oct 2012, 14:49
by mimosa
I'll package it for both architectures and submit it. That will remind you ;)