updating boot info script

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updating boot info script

Post by Adys » 21. Oct 2012, 20:06

The repositories include the boot info script package, currently version 0.61.

The package is basically a read-only script (except for the optional report, a simple text file that by default doesn't even overwrite anything) to collect some info about the boot system for troubleshooting purposes. The script is developed using git in sf.net, and there are new commits added after the "release".

Some new commits are related to the recent grub2 v.2.00, and some are related to the recent changes in sf.net (which Salix itself "suffered" too).

The latest git code (git, but still stable and usable) is located at:

so I was wondering if it would be possible to add a "latest git" boot info script package, either in addition or instead of version 0.61.

Of course anyone could just download it and use it, without needing it to be listed in GSlapt. But for someone already having some boot troubleshooting to do (usually a not-too-knowledgeable user), having the easiest method with the easiest instructions is always welcome.

It should be worth noting that the link above points to the "latest" commit (not just the "current latest"), and the Salix Team might know more than I how to point to the "latest git commit download" so to simplify the download of the script even more for final users.

I hope this is taken into consideration and that it would result useful.


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